About Edible Photos and Ordering

"How to order" video walk through
About picture quality
Ingredients and approvals
Ordering multiple image prints
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"How to Order"  video walk through
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About picture quality
The image quality you can expect is similar to that you would expect from a colour newspaper print. See the information below about quality and choosing the best image for an edible photo, if you have any doubts just email your photo to us, we are always happy to offer advice before you order.
Colour re-production
100% colour matching cannot be guaranteed. Water based food inks are natural products and cannot offer the same stability as synthetic inks. This is not normally noticeable but can be important when giving advice to corporate customers who will have specific pantone references in their logos.
Definition and clarity
Edible photos are not as smooth as paper and have a slight moisture content which can cause very slight ink migration. This is not normally noticeable but there are some things to be aware of which help to maximize the quality of an edible photo.
# high contrast, bright images work best. Heavy dark similar colours can merge and lose definition.
edible photo contrast
# small fine detail, if too small can be hard to see, detail shows up better when strongly contrasted.
edible photo detail
# choose a photo with at least one dimension that measures 350px.
Cropping and sizing
# cupcakes, simple bolder close up images with minimal personalisation stand out better.
simple edible photos
# cupcakes and circles, choose an image which can be cropped successfully.
crop a circle edible photo
Ingredients and approvals
Icing sheets are thin pieces of flavourless icing, corn white in colour and affixed to a plasticized backing sheet to make it possible to handle and pass through the printer. When removed from the backing sheet the edible icing is extremely pliable and manageable without cracking or tearing.

All icing sheets and inks are:

Gluten free
Nut free
Suitable for vegetarians
Safe for human consumption, made from 100% EC approved ingredients.

Icing Sheet Ingredients
Corn syrup
Corn Syrup Solids
Vegetable Oil
Arabic Gum
Polysorbate 80
Citric Acid
Edible Ink Ingredients
Water, Glycerol E422, Colour: Brilliant black BN E151 (2.5%), Sunset yellow E110 (0.8%), Quinoline yellow E104 (0.6%), Preservative: 1.2 Propandiol E1520
Water, Glycerol E422, Colour: Tartrazine E102 (1.5%0 Preservative: 1.2 Propandiol E1520, Citric acid E330
Water, glycerol E422, Colour: Azorubine E122 (2.2%), Ponceau R124 (0.9%), Preservative: 1.2 Propandiol E1520 Citric acid E330
Water, glycerol E422, colour: Brilliant blue E133 (2.%), Preservative: 1.2 Propandiol E1520 Citric acid E330
Ordering multiple image prints
The lowest cost way is to set out your images using something like MS Word | Powerpoint | Publisher | Photoshop then save your arrangement as a PDF file. You can then order your edible photo in the normal way ( go to "Personalised Edible Photo Rectangle" in the main menu ) and upload the PDF file as your image. We would treat each page in the PDF file as a single image. When placing your order ensure you order the correct number of icing sheets to match the number of pages in your PDF file. Icing sheet quantities can be adjusted in the cart. If you are not used to ordering edible pictures, please feel free to call us on the freephone number.

The alternative is to use one of our multiple edible photo templates. You can upload all images separately and we will set them out. click here to go to multiple image edible photos.
Save as a PDF file
If you are using a format like MS Word | Powerpoint | Publisher you will need to save it as a PDF file before you can upload. Open your document, go to "File" then  "Save As" then open the drop down menu and look for "PDF".